What is Sacred Medicine?

Our ancestors have been in touch with the medicinal power and healing through natural substances known as plant medicines. Plant Medicines have also been identified as Entheogens. The Word Entheogen is derived from two Ancient Greek words ἔνθεος (éntheos) and γενέσθαι (genésthai) meaning, "full of the god, inspired, possessed". This is significant as it represents the power of plant medicines and psychedelics to bring about experiences of "oneness" divinity and connection with a greater source or power. Making them sacred tools. During and after experiences with Psychedelics many people report greater sense of joy and healing of unresolved traumas and wounds. We are currently in a "Psychedelic Renaissance" where this wisdom of ancient cultures, coupled with scientific data has revived the therapeutic powers of Psychedelics and are  being accepted into popular culture. Most recent studies with MDMA show promising impacts on treating PTSD and depression. Psilocybin (aka Psychedelic Mushrooms) have been shown to treat depression, end of life anxiety as well as significant impact to overall improvement in ones life.



Sacred Medicine Alchemy is a way for us to work together integrating your experiences as well as mentoring your journey of healing and well-being. Contact me for more information on how I can support you through this exploration.